Volume 0, Issue 15, Autumn 2012, Page 5-160

Strategic Dimensions Of the Relations Of Iran – Chinese

Dr. Fahad Mezban Khazar

Iranian Studies Journal, In Press

This study seeks to answer a series of questions raised regarding Iranian relations - China, including : What is the nature-Iranian relations - Chinese? What its dimensions? , And geo-strategic importance to China-Iran accounts?, The effect of crude oil in the relations of Iran - Chinese? And the possible repercussions on the global economy?, The Chinese strategy to cope with developments in the Iranian nuclear file? The importance of the Economic dimension in the relations ofIran - Chinese?. Finally, "What is the impactof the changing American relations in the two countries? And the future of this relationship from the geopolitical point of view and in light of the international political variables?, And China's position on American-Iranian conflict?, And any party may be sacrificing China, do you sacrifice its relations with the European Union and the United States, especially the latter lie in wait for China and wait for them any lapse accountable or they will sacrifice to Iran and gains large economic present and future in it? .

Iranian relations - German 1979 - 2005

haedar Abd Alwahed naser

Iranian Studies Journal, In Press

The current research papers included an introduction about the first beginnings for the German influence and penetration in Iran. Then, the researcher went through the main material of the paper "the Iranian – German relations 1979 – 2005" through introducing the beginnings and development which follow this relation and what's related to it from the different factors helped in existence and development of this relationship. Also the paper revealed the factors that caused problems in this relationship.
The current study divided into the following aspects of researching:
Historical beginning of the Iranian – German relations
Tensions of the relations after Islamic revolution in 1979
Improvement of the relations in the period 1997-2005
Germany and the Iranian Nuclear programme
The study ends with a conclusion of a summery of the current study

Russia's position on Japanese intervention in China 1894 -1919

MUshtak Malalla Kasem

Iranian Studies Journal, In Press

Research deals with the position of Russia from interfering with the Japanese in China (1894 - 1919), have been identified for research because it highlights the splitting is important because the most prominent events and political developments witnessed by China during this period that saw interference "Japanese" clear "in its internal affairs and demand the Chinese government granted more economic concessions in the country, like the rest of the foreign countries which was also in conflict with the spheres of influence in China .

Significance of the Caspian Sea oil

Nabil Jaafar Abdul Redha

Iranian Studies Journal, In Press

Can be said that the Caspian Sea region is one of the oil-rich regions are relatively in the world, rather than the most important oil provinces in the Central Asian region. Both the production of oil and natural gas in this region are still suffering from major problems, notably: the weakness of the sources of funding for both the extractive operations of exporters, and the lack of technological expertise. And in most other countries in the region, resulting in lower oil production in this region. In addition to the need for the countries of the Caspian Sea region to export its oil to the international market. They also need to provide a better atmosphere of cooperation among them to overcome the problems of the development of its oil industry. Because of the great countries of the region in their possession of crude oil and natural gas compared to local needs, these countries can contribute more in the future in providing international markets with their needs of these articles. Especially as international demand for oil and gas, is growing steadily during the next decade, as shown by the various predictions about the demand for energy sources.
If Russia is the first product of crude oil, compared to the rest of the region. , Iran occupies first place among countries in the region, with its huge reserves of oil and natural gas, as well as enjoying the advantage of its geographical location, it overlooks Iran on each of the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf, making it an important link for the transport and export some oil countries in the region of its sources Iranian exports to the ports bordering the Persian Gulf.
In light of the problems that impede the development of energy fields in the countries of the Caspian Sea basin and dilemmas that prevent the delivery of oil and gas to consumer markets of the world, under the glaring inequalities of the estimates on the region's reserves of energy, and the fact that the risks promoted by the Caspian Sea is a substitute or at least a competitor to the oil of the Middle East, particularly the Gulf oil?.
Apart from more than previous figures Rgehana there is a semi-agreement between the observers to the Caspian region will not become "the east Osta last" or "a major competitor for the Persian Gulf," but able to "drop the price of oil," as they can "play a role in diversifying the sources of production "end to the efforts of Western countries consumed.

The reality and the possibility of the sustainability of the leading sectors in the Iranian economy

Hussein Ali Hashim

Iranian Studies Journal, In Press

Turning a researcher in the research is marked by (Reality and the possibility of permanent leading sectors in the economy Iran) and in the first section specifically to the diagnosis of general indicators of the economic structure of Iran at the stage of nineties, and in the second section was analyzed The Directions of investment in The Iranian Economic Sectors , but in the third section dealt with the researcher to marking the nature of economic trends, current and future through development plans in place and the target after the entry of the third millennium, and in doing so have been diagnosed with the leading sectors of the economy or stimulating Iran that have contributed to generate the largest proportion of the added value of the commodity or service sectors and factors of growth was reached in which to prove the hypothesis that there is still a dual economy depends On international trade of crude oil source.

Distribution of the population in the district of Abadan

Hussein Qasim Mohammad

Iranian Studies Journal, In Press

This study deals with the distribution of population in the district of Abadan, and the reasons for differences in distribution between the administrative units that make up the judiciary, to the results for the regional development process, has selected the study area to its importance for Iran and geographical proximity to Iraq, and the lack of Arab library for this kind of the studies .
These include the study site eliminate geographical, and the date of settlement by, and to study the distribution of numerical and relative to the population through population censuses have been conducted in Iran, and then study the distribution density of the population in general and the study of agricultural intensity and the concentration of population, also touched upon the environmental distribution of the population of dividing the population into rural and was attended by the administrative units, and study the actual distribution and patterns of population distribution, and the reasons for this distribution, the results of the study that there is a concentration of population in the district center because of the attractions of economic as it is concentrated where most economic activities, reflecting on the rule of the phenomenon of urban, residents took to spread after development of some areas, in order to find a balance that the population should be directed to the areas of development plans that can be used to attract the population.